Mint Blueberry Kush

Mint Blueberry Kush


Please note that the first photo you see is the maternal lineage followed by the paternal lineage. 


This early finishing cross between Orange Mint #1 and Sour Blueberry Kush is a perfect strain for farmers looking to maximize yield and potency in a short season environment. Popular for its loud terpenes and large bud size, Mint Blueberry Kush is especially well suited for boutique grows.


Ratio: 31:1


Germ: 79%


Region: Ideal for Zone 2-4B due to early finishing potential, areas with large pollen drift – natural resistance to pollen, will also grow well in zones 5-7, B, not well suited for areas with high humidity due to large cola formation.


Application: Ideal for boutique flower grows

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