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CBD Prime Seed Company specializes in uniquely crafted hemp genetics bred for optimal extraction & superior smoke quality. Our 2020 inventory of truly unique cultivars feature cannabinoid-rich feminized seeds designed towards high CBD to THC ratios, rare terpene profiles, and high resin content.


CBD Prime Seed Company provides state of the art hemp genetics with industry-leading CBD to THC ratios, a wide range of minor cannabinoids, and exceptional terpene profiles. We are continuously innovating our genetic stock to meet the growing need of the rapidly developing hemp industry with integrity, professionalism, and creativity

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We are a team of agricultural entrepreneurs comprised of seasoned farmers, agronomists, cannabis and business experts.  Our Board keeps us current on all of the legislative and medical changes in this rapidly growing industry. Together, we have made it our goal to bring quality hemp genetics to the hemp farming market. 

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The decision which genetics to purchase for your growing operation should not be taken lightly. It is the foundation of a successful and prosperous season. For that purpose, we strive to provide you with accurate information that will help you make the best choice. Our experts are readily available to answer your questions every step of the way.

Prime  Hemp Genetics

terpene & cannabinoid-rich feminized hemp seed


prime hemp genetics

Over the past three years, our partner, North Fork Agriculture, has through extensive indoor, greenhouses and field trials selected from over 700 phenotypes the most desired genetics. These selections lay the foundation for our feminized breeding project bringing to you some of the highest CBD to THC ratios available on the market. In addition to superior potency, our varieties have been selected for their minor cannabinoids, terpene profiles, resistance to pest and disease as well as structure, bag appeal, and yield.


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In 2018, Tristan and Randy Bapst set out to expand the incredible potential of the hemp industry to Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Joining forces with John Johnson, they founded CBD Prime Seed Company, the first step towards a vertically integrated CBD company. Randy and John, both veterans and experienced entrepreneurs recognized the incredible potential CBD may have in reducing chronic pain, treating veterans returning with PTSD, and combating the opioid epidemic. 

Supported by the Maryland State Government and Department of Agriculture, CBD Prime Seed Company partnered with some of the largest farmers on the Eastern Shore in the production of feminized hemp seed. To complete the puzzle, CBD Prime solicited the support of North Fork Agriculture, an established company in the hemp industry, to seek genetics and consultation for its feminized seed production. 

CBD Prime Seed Company is proud to be part of this emerging industry by providing high-quality hemp genetics in an effort to expand the farming industry’s opportunities throughout the region and the United States.

All seeds have undergone rigorous third-party testing by highly regarded and accredited 3rd party testing laboratories. 


Germination Analysis: Oregon State University Seed Laboratory - AOSA and ISTA member lab and ISTA Accredited Laboratory US07 & Maryland Department of Agriculture.

Potency Analysis on Vegetative Tissue of Seedings: SunX Accredited Testing Facility by the Maryland Department of Agriculture & Virginia Institue of Advanced Learning.

Purity Analysis: Maryland Department of Agriculture


Feminization Analysis: Eurofins Scientific